About Sea Sentinels Pte Ltd

Sea Sentinels Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore.

Our mission is:

To deliver a broad spectrum of high quality, reliable and innovative services to the Maritime Industry.

Our Main Services are:

Performing Inventories of Hazardous Materials on sea-going & off-shore vessels, done by our experts who have vast experience in this field.
Advising on & overseeing the recycling of vessels at selected yards to ensure that the activity is done in a safe & environmentally sound manner.
Advising on & arranging the safe lay-up of ships & offshore vessels.
Arranging detailed & educative audits on ships (including independent navigation audits) by persons with long & recognized experience
Arranging practical and motivational training to mariners to meet the demanding standards expected by Oil Majors and other discerning bodies.
Arranging expert independent marine accident investigations and offering solutions for best corrective and preventive actions.
Arranging top notch documentation to companies seeking to start up, or to upgrade their safety management systems.
Offering smart solutions to companies looking to ease operational burdens on ship and shore staff.